Sunday, June 1, 2014

Garden Update

Our garden is growing right along. Saturday night we put all of our irrigation hoses out and weeded things some more along with putting weed'n feed on all the plants that were big enough. The honey dew and yellow squash seeds that we had to plant directly into the ground have sprouted also.

Zucchini bottom left and sweet potatoes along fence on the right.
Watermelon, yellow squash, cantaloupe, and honey dew in the far back

Zucchini, cucumbers on left side.
Yukon Gold potatoes in the wooden box. 

Yukon Gold Potatoes. 

Tomatoes on left and green peppers on the right. 

4 Rows of Corn 


Carrots on left, green beans center and Corn on right. 

Close up of Carrots. 

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