Friday, June 20, 2014

Kayla's Wedding

The whole reason for our Gulf Shores vacation was for my cousin Kayla's wedding (June 19th). You may remember her from when I posted about her older sister Kristina's wedding 2 years ago(June 16th).  So all three of our wedding anniversary's are within a span of 5 days since mine is June 21st.

 Kayla and Jeremy are at Kristina's wedding. 
They had a gorgeous beach wedding and then small reception back at our beach house that we were all staying in.
Clearly they were looking to please.

Bride's side!!!

Goldfish snack were a must. 

Our beach house. 

Nana and Hendrix

Bride & Groom

My mom and Aunt Debbie

Our condo faced the ocean. 

First dance. 

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