Monday, June 9, 2014

Lindsay's Wedding/Weekend Recap

Last week Hendrix got to practice his riding skills on his new 4-wheeler. He is picking it up really quick.

Friday night we hung out at the house and grilled out. After the kids were in bed Hubs and I started the second season of Orange is the New Black.
Playing in the pool while dinner is cooking.
Saturday morning Hendrix woke up bright and early so we went and picked up Dunkin donuts and coffee while Robby and Carson were still sleeping. Afterwards we went to Kohls to find Robby something to match my dress for my friend, Lindsay's wedding which we were going to later that night. 

We stopped at the park for a couple minutes after Kohls.

My mom watched the kids for us while we headed to the wedding in Dayton, Ohio. 

Lindsay is in the center. She took all of our wedding pictures 6 years ago. 
The wedding was amazing. The church was gorgeous and had huge stained glass windows lining the sanctuary. The reception was the perfect mix of rustic and chic. They even had a ice cream cart with people serving hand dipped ice cream!!! I wish I would of brought my big camera so I could of gotten better pictures of all the decor because it was so perfect.

Loved the miniature pots of honey at every seat.

Wedding Party

Me and the bride
These two guys were absolutely hilarious all night long with their dancing. They were my entertainment all night long.

Sunday Hubs and I drove the 2 hours home from Dayton. For some reasons I don't think the kids were all that excited we were home. We ran some errands and then the kids napped. Robby and I got a ton of things done around the house. After the kids woke up we went and picked strawberries again. I ended up making a pie with some of them. Basically another awesome weekend!!

Little Miss was a hot mess.


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