Saturday, November 8, 2014

Target Halloween Clearance Haul

When I stopped by Target on Sunday things were still at 50% as expected(food was 30%). I picked up several food snacks items for the kids and our lunches. Most of it is food we buy anyway so why not buy it cheaper. I didn't take pictures of the food.

As far as items here is what I got while things were still 50%:

Girls J.O.Y Pj's(50%)-$7.99 The girls will have one matching set next year at least.
J.O. Y Bib(50%)-$1.99
Orange & Black Table Clothes(50%)-$1.50

It went 70% after being at 50% off for three days. I never ended up getting anything at 90% because I got busy and I was out of town part of the time. I was a huge slacker this year. 

J.O.Y. Pjs(70%)-$4.49 One set is for a friend and the other is a larger set for Carson eventually. 

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