Friday, December 26, 2014

35 Weeks

I realize this picture is a long time coming. 

My doctors appointment got delayed because of the Holidays so I'm slightly off track, but now I go every week so it doesn't really matter that much. I have been having a ton of contractions off and on since Christmas Eve so I was really interested to see if I had progressed any. At my appointment I was 1 cm dilated. Next week my doctor is out of town so I'm actually just going to skip my 36 week appointment. She offered to let me see  someone else in the practice next week, but I decided to just have my next one be when I'm a little over 37 weeks. If I do randomly go into labor next week then a doctor I know well in the practice will just do my c-section, but I'm confident I'll make it to my scheduled day.

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