Monday, January 5, 2015

Baylor's Owl Mobile

Somehow Carson managed to destroy the little animals that were attached to our mobile that we originally bought for Hendrix. So I decided to make new ones. I found this pattern on pinterest. I mainly picked it because I already had all the materials to make the owls so they were essentially free and the owls matched the girls bird bedding perfectly.

I'm not going to re-type all the directions because most of them are pretty clear. I did take more pictures to help explain things though. The only thing I changed was I glued buttons on for eyes instead of using white felt. Love me some buttons!!! Also I used jute instead of ribbon because I didn't have any small ribbon I was in love with.
Feet and beaks

All the parts to complete one Owl. 

Ombre feathers all glued together. 

Complete top. 

All four owls.

Wings and feet sewed on. 

Placing the full base owl on top of the bottom part.
Then you add the detailed top to make a triple layered owl. 

Leave a opening at the bottom to stuff the owl when sewing the
three layers together. 

All three layers sewed together with an opening at the bottom to stuff.

Stuffing the owl. 

After sewing the opening closed. 

All four completed owls. 

Here's a crappy picture of them actually hanging on the mobile. It's super cloudy today so I didn't have very good lighting. I think I am going to shorten the strings a little bit, but they will do for now. 

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