Friday, January 2, 2015

Target Christmas Clearance

Things are still stuck at 70% off, but hopefully they will go 90% of tomorrow. I didn't buy a single thing at 50%. I'm actually proud of myself.

Puzzle(70%)-$2.09 I wound of up with two of these.

Car seat Toy(70%)-$1.50 
NB sleeper(70%)-$2.39 Reindeer are a winter animal so Baylor will be wearing this when she arrives.
I also got the girls each a set of PJ's for next year but forgot to take a picture of them. Carson's were $5.09 for two fleece sleepers and Baylor's were $4.79 for two pairs of cotton pjs. 

Miniature Barbie(70%)-$1.49 Great stocking stuffer for Carson for next year.
Duplo Legos(70%)-$1.04 I found two of these also. 

Boys Pj's(70%)-$4.49

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