Saturday, March 21, 2015

Baylor-2 Months

Somehow Baylor is already 2 months old!!! Girlfriend is super chill and such a good baby. She nurses well and is only waking up once at night about 4:00 am after going to bed about 9:30/10. After she eats she will go back to sleep until 7/7:30. So have no complaints as far sleep  schedule goes. We started to give her a bottle once a day to get her used to taking a bottle for when I go back to work and its literally a 30 minute ordeal.

She hasn't had her 2 month check up yet because our pediatrician is on vacation for spring break until after Easter. I think she weighs about 10 lbs now though. We have started to wear some 3 months clothes, but they are all super baggy on her. Length wise though they fit pretty good. Also moved up to size 1 diapers.  Her hair is starting to lighten up, but it is still sticking up like crazy all the time.

Pictures from the past month:

She reminds me so much of Hendrix when she smiles. 

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