Monday, March 23, 2015

Deck Update Part 1

We knew when we bought the house the deck was going to need some work with the minimum being it needed stained badly. The deck area around our hot tub wasn't supported correctly underneath and some of the wood was in bad shape so it needed to be replaced. Plus we needed to add railing so no body fell off what is almost a 3 foot drop.

Before hand. 

There was a panel that covered this area, but it was in terrible shape
so we pitched it a while back. 
We removed the huge hideous bush. The landscaping around the pool area definitely leaves something to be desired.
You can see where the previous owners had to tried to fix the under structure and failed miserably by adding the random newish looking 2x4.
Our new support frame.

We added even more support perpendicular to these boards,
 but for some reason don't have a picture of it. 
Then we started to add railing.

The finished product. Now I can't wait to fix the stair railing and add railing to the other half of the deck.

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