Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Target Easter Clearance

I picked several things up while things were still at 50% off because I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it back once things dropped to 70% and 90% off.

PAAS Dye kit(50%)-$1.50
Spritz Kit(50%)-$2.50

Cellophane Basket Bags(50%)-$1.25

Gift Bags(50%)-$0.75
Tissue Paper(50%)-$0.75

Coloring Books(30%)-$.70 These were actually in the $1.00 spot and that stuff was only 30% off, but on the same day I went to another Target and theirs was 70% off, but it was basically empty so it was weird.
Lego Sets(50%)-$1.99

Decorative Eggs(30%)-$0.70 These were also in the $1.00 spot and will be great to put in my glass canisters on our mantle next year. 

Plastic Plates(50%)-$1.74
Easter Bucket(50%)-$2.50 

Large Paper plates(50%)-$0.75
Small Paper Plates (50%)-$0.75

Fruit Snacks(30%)-$1.39 

Bunny Banner(50%)-$3.50
Chap Stick(50%)-$1.49
Nivea Butter(50%)-$0.99

J.O.Y. Bunny sleepers(50%)-$4.49 These don't say Easter on them so they are usable any time. 

Yogurt Raisins (30%)-3.48
Gold Fish packets(30%)-$3.49
Gold Fish box(30%)-$0.69

Small Easter bucket(50%)-$ 1.25
Nivea Lip Gloss(50%)-$0.99
Bunny Plush Doll(50%)-$2.49 This will be perfect for Baylor's Easter basket next year.

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