Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hendrix-4 years

Well lets start with the fact that you non-stop talk....your talking can wear a person down. I can't believe you are starting preschool full time this fall, but that's a whole another post on its own.

You are still waking up earlier than everyone else, but now you will play on your own for a bit down in the basement. You typically get yourself dressed as long as I have set out your clothes the night before.

You love to eat tacos, pizza, oatmeal, and any kind of fruit. You are finally working on learning your letters. It has been a huge struggle trying to get you to pay attention long enough to learn them. Still love Thomas the train and your train set is still your most played with toy. You are getting so good at riding your 4-wheeler and finally starting to pedal you big wheel and bicycle.

At your 4 year check up you weighed 43 pounds(93%) and was 41 inches tall(67%). 

Here are some recent pictures of you:

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Carb Day was a blast and we couldn't of had better weather. The kids loved all the race cars and everything else there was to see. Carson was all about the food, which wasn't surprising.

Clearly the headphones really worked since she fell asleep. 

Saturday Day we went to Dick's Sporting Goods to get the stuff that Hendrix needed to play baseball and pick out his birthday gift. After that the kids just played outside. After dinner Hendrix opened his cards and ate his cake.

Playing with his new pitching machine. 

Blowing out his candles. Can't believe he is turning 4. 
Sunday we went out for breakfast and then we swam most of the day and cooked out with my mom. My mom and I also sewed the girls some leggings and dresses.

Only way she would get into the pool is if she was inside a float. 

The dress we made. 

The leggings. 
On Memorial Day we just hung out at the house and while the kids were napping my mom and I went to see Pitch Perfect 2. Afterwards the kids insisted on swimming again. It's hard to grasp the concept that we have a pool now and can basically swim anytime we want to.

Carson just prefers to hang out on the stairs. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Baylor-4 Months

Time is flying by. I can't believe it is already summertime and Hendrix will be 4 years old in just a few days. Baylor is still nursing, but since she has been getting a pumped bottle so much due to my work schedule so has been a little reluctant to latch on like she used to. She is sleeping awesome though. She sleeps from about 8 pm to 6 am most nights. Occasionally she will still wake up once during the night.

Baylor's eyes are still blue and I'm hoping they stay that way. Her hair has lighten significantly especially close to her scalp. I think it might be even more blonde than Hendrix's hair. Still wearing size 1 diapers and mostly 3 month clothes with a little bit of 3-6 month stuff mixed in.

She has been trying to roll over from her back to her stomach here recently, but still hasn't been successful. I have never even seen her try to roll over from her stomach to her back though.
She loves to wave her arms in front of her face and watch them move. It's the funniest thing ever.

At her 4 month check up she weighed 13 lbs and 3 ounces at 23% and was 23.75 inches long at 13%. 

Here are some pictures from the past month:

Hendrix was clearly mad during this picture.