Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Hendrix-4 years

Well lets start with the fact that you non-stop talk....your talking can wear a person down. I can't believe you are starting preschool full time this fall, but that's a whole another post on its own.

You are still waking up earlier than everyone else, but now you will play on your own for a bit down in the basement. You typically get yourself dressed as long as I have set out your clothes the night before.

You love to eat tacos, pizza, oatmeal, and any kind of fruit. You are finally working on learning your letters. It has been a huge struggle trying to get you to pay attention long enough to learn them. Still love Thomas the train and your train set is still your most played with toy. You are getting so good at riding your 4-wheeler and finally starting to pedal you big wheel and bicycle.

At your 4 year check up you weighed 43 pounds(93%) and was 41 inches tall(67%). 

Here are some recent pictures of you:

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