Saturday, November 21, 2015

Baylor-10 Months

Baylor is working on getting her bottom two teeth and she is finally crawling around. It looks like a 3rd tooth is about to pop through on the top also.  She is kinda of starting to pull up on things, but she really doesn't seem that interested in it yet. She has started to eat more table food which she really likes.

She loves getting a hold of all the kids toys when they walk away. Baylor also finally said momma!! Her hair is getting super long on top and it also turning very blonde. It has just a little hint of curl at the ends so we aren't sure yet if she will have curly hair or not. It seems a lot thinner than Carson's or Hendrix's hair so far though.

She goes for her 9 month check up in a couple of days so then we will know her height and weight. She is still wearing 9 month clothes(some 6 month still). Although we do throw some 12 month stuff on her since that is what a lot of Carson't hand me downs are.

Update: At her 9 month appointment(she was actually 10 months) she weighted 18lbs 8 ounces(46%) and was 27.5 inches tall(24%). Her head was 17.75 inches (73%). Baylor is a little taller than Carson was, but weighs less than she did at this same age.

Pictures from the past month:

Trying to crawl 
Trying on her Christmas dress. 

Going to town on some turkey meatballs. 

Working on her third tooth. 

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