Monday, November 23, 2015

Carson-3 Years

Where do I even start...well for starters you are the sweetest little girl ever. You make the funniest faces and imitate people all the time. You hate having you hair brushed, but yet you want long hair and always demand a large bow be clipped in it. You are still obsessed with shoes especially boots. I took you on a girls trip to Chicago for your 3rd birthday. It was so great to have some quality time with just Carson.

Not very excited this morning. 

You are fully potty trained as a few months ago, which was actually rather easy compared to your brother. You don't eat nearly as much as you used to, but you still love your sweets. You are constantly asking for some candy.

We can't believe how well you have done sharing a room with Baylor. We did finally turn your crib into a toddler bed, although you try to convince me every night to let you sleep with me. Carson's favorite toys are her Toy Story people along with some of your baby dolls.

Carson started gymnastics and dance this past year and so far you loving both, but prefer gymnastics I think. At your 3 year check you weighted 36 lbs(90%) and was 36.5 inches tall(38%). You wear 2 or 3 in pants and 3 or 4 in shirts/ dresses.

Some Pictures from the past year:

Scary face!!!

Her famous side eye face. 

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