Sunday, November 22, 2015

Carson's Chicago Birthday Trip

I took Carson a girls trip to Chicago for her 3rd Birthday. We had a blast. We stayed right downtown at a really nice Marriott. We spent most of the day Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday morning there.

Friday we ate lunch as soon as we got there before we hit up a couple of shops. Then Carson needed to nap and I knew the quickest way for her to get to sleep was in her car seat so I got her to sleep then parked for a little bit while she slept. After her nap we hit up the American Girl  Place store!!! She was in heaven. I let her pick out anything she wanted, but she kept herself in check and only picked out a small stuffed dog and some panties for her baby doll.

Then we headed to the Lego Store to find some stuff for Hendrix for Christmas. Carson discovered the build-a-bear store and made a stuffed Olaf.

Then we stopped at one of my favorite stores....LUSH. Carson picked out some bubble bars and I picked out a few things for myself. We also checked out the Disney store. Carson found a Rex from Toy Story to add to her collection. Then we headed back to the hotel to drop all our loot off before heading to dinner at Giordano's pizza.

Saturday morning we headed back out shopping after breakfast. We hit up gap and a few other stores, along with going back to the American Girl and Lego Store. We also tried to go up in the Sears Tower, but since it was raining/snowing there was no visibility so we decided not to. After we dropped our packages off at the hotel again we headed out for lunch at Portillo's/Barnelli's.  So freaking good!!

After we ate Carson napped so we would could watch the Magnificent Mile Light Festival Parade. It was freezing outside so we didn't end up watching the whole thing. Then we had dinner at Lawry's Prime Rib Restaurant.  Sunday morning Carson and I hit up a few more stores before returning home since we were having people over later for cake and ice cream. We had the best time ever and I can't wait to do it again.

Here is video I put together with all the pictures I took on my phone instead of loading them straight onto the blog.

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