Thursday, November 5, 2015

Target Halloween Clearance Haul

I successfully avoided Target until things went 70% off!!! Food was 50% off still. I was shocked at how much decoration stuff was still hanging around.

Witch brooms(70%)-$1.80

Decorating Gauze(70%)-$1.20

Black Tableclothes(70%)-0.90
Pumpkin Napkins(70%)-$.30 

Annie Snack Packs(50%)-3.49
Annie Bunny Grahams(50%)-3.49
Fruit Roll ups(50%)-1.75

Witch Hat Decoration(70%)-$1.80

Halloween Lights(70%)-$1.05
Pumpkin Tealights(70%)-1.20

Hot Wheels Cars(70%)-$1.49
Count Chocula treats(50%)-$1.75

Ratan Pumpkin(70%)-$4.50
Plastic Pumpkin(70%)-1.80

Mac & Cheese(30%)-$0.90 no idea why this was only 30% off and all other food was 50%

Gauze Garland(70%)-$3.00
Ceiling Tapestry(70%)-$3.00

Cat Dress(70%)-$3.60
Boo Dress(70%)-$3.89

Talking Bird(70%)-%6.00
Carvable Pumpkin(70%)-$2.40

Puzzle Packs(70%)-$2.99 I was sooo excited about these because they will be perfect for next year to put in the kids Halloween goodie bags we give out.

Also since they are re-branding the one spot over to Bullseye's playground a bunch of stuff was thrown in with the Halloween stuff and was also 70% off. I stocked up on gift wrapping supplies. 

Tissue Paper(70%)-$0.90

Medium Giftbags(70%)-$0.30

2 pk Small gift Bags(70%)-$0.30

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