Thursday, January 21, 2016

Baylor-12 Months/1 Year

Can't believe an entire year has gone by. Baylor still isn't really trying to walk which is fine by me. Carson didn't walk until 15 months so I expect her to walk around then. She can crawl anywhere she wants to go though. She does love to get around in her walker we are borrowing from a friend.

She still loves the jumperoo also, which is nice for containing her. She babbles a little bit, but not much compared to how much Hendrix and Carson did. She is working on getting 2 more teeth on the top. They are just now starting to break through the skin.

We have transitioned off the bottle and using a sippie cup full time now. She isn't very happy about it at all either. Her hair is getting crazy long and its actually very thick for baby hair.

At her 1 year check she weighed 18lbs and 12 ounces(33%) and was 28.25 inches tall(17%). Her head was 18 inches around (72%).

Pictures from the past month:

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Baylor's Winter One-derland 1st Birthday Party

We went with a winter wonderland theme for Baylor's first birthday. All the party decorations I purchased from this shop and then I printed them off at office depot to put together for myself.

 She loves ripping the paper off of course, but easily got distracted.

 Wasn't a huge fan of her hat.

 She wasn't nearly into her cake as much as Hendrix and Carson were. She mainly just threw it around instead of eating it. Cakes were from Sugar Mama's of course and our regular cookie lady made her cookies.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas Clearance Part II

All from one store. 
Things finally went 90% at the store by me on the 5th. I didn't have a chance to go out and about though so I didn't even hit up any stores until the 2nd day of 90% off. I was shocked I was able to find so much stuff and most of it was all from one store too. Sorry most of these pictures are crappy. I didn't want to wait until better lighting so I could get everything put away. 

Fake Berry Cone Tree(90%)-$1.69
Fake Holly Plants(90%)-$1.69
Ceramic Trees(90%)-$1.49
Fake Potted Pine(90%)-$1.69

Red Pillow(90%)-$1.99
Gold Pillows(90%)-$2.49

Sorry for the crappy picture!
Candle Sticks(90%)-$1.99

Paw Patrol Game(90%)-$0.49 

Meyer Dish Soap(90%)-$0.39
Christmas Matching Game (90%)-$0.30

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Target Christmas Clearance

I stopped by Target the morning after Christmas after I got off work to scope a few things up at 50% off. I mainly picked up some gift card boxes and more bows for next year(didn't take pictures of them). I went back 4 days later expecting things to be 70% off and they weren't but I picked up a few more things. Nothing was a crazy bargain, but there was a few things we actually needed/wanted for next year and I didn't know when I would be able to make it back once things did go 70% off.

Tree Skirt(50%)-$15.00

Miniature puzzles(50%)-$1.49 These will be perfect stocking stuffers for next year. 

Girls Holiday Shirts(50%)-$3.99

Christmas matching game(50%)-$1.50
Christmas Music CD (50%)-$4.99 Hendrix wanted this...

Lego Set (50%)-$1.98

Winter Pj's (50%)-$7.49

Girls Holiday Shirts(50%)-$3.99 each 

Elf Pj's(50%)-$7.49
Girls Pj's (50%)-$6.49

It took forever for things to go 70% off!!  They finally went 70% at the Target's around me on January 2nd. I think that's the longest time I've ever seen the holiday stuff sit at 50% off. 

Christmas Matching Game(70%)-$0.90 Now both Hendrix and Carson can get one of these in their stockings next year. 
Old Spice Body Hygiene kit(50%)-$7.49 Not sure why the personal hygiene stuff was still 50%, but the electric toothbrushes were also. It was still a really good deal because the kits contained 5 full size items. 



Santa Plates(70%)- $0.67 Perfect for Christmas time next year. 
Small Santa plate(70%)-$0.67

Cups(70%)-$1.79 These will be in each kids stocking next year also!!. The bottom part lights up. 

Spider man Pjs(70%)-$5.09