Thursday, January 21, 2016

Baylor-12 Months/1 Year

Can't believe an entire year has gone by. Baylor still isn't really trying to walk which is fine by me. Carson didn't walk until 15 months so I expect her to walk around then. She can crawl anywhere she wants to go though. She does love to get around in her walker we are borrowing from a friend.

She still loves the jumperoo also, which is nice for containing her. She babbles a little bit, but not much compared to how much Hendrix and Carson did. She is working on getting 2 more teeth on the top. They are just now starting to break through the skin.

We have transitioned off the bottle and using a sippie cup full time now. She isn't very happy about it at all either. Her hair is getting crazy long and its actually very thick for baby hair.

At her 1 year check she weighed 18lbs and 12 ounces(33%) and was 28.25 inches tall(17%). Her head was 18 inches around (72%).

Pictures from the past month:


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