Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas Clearance Part II

All from one store. 
Things finally went 90% at the store by me on the 5th. I didn't have a chance to go out and about though so I didn't even hit up any stores until the 2nd day of 90% off. I was shocked I was able to find so much stuff and most of it was all from one store too. Sorry most of these pictures are crappy. I didn't want to wait until better lighting so I could get everything put away. 

Fake Berry Cone Tree(90%)-$1.69
Fake Holly Plants(90%)-$1.69
Ceramic Trees(90%)-$1.49
Fake Potted Pine(90%)-$1.69

Red Pillow(90%)-$1.99
Gold Pillows(90%)-$2.49

Sorry for the crappy picture!
Candle Sticks(90%)-$1.99

Paw Patrol Game(90%)-$0.49 

Meyer Dish Soap(90%)-$0.39
Christmas Matching Game (90%)-$0.30

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