Sunday, January 3, 2016

Target Christmas Clearance

I stopped by Target the morning after Christmas after I got off work to scope a few things up at 50% off. I mainly picked up some gift card boxes and more bows for next year(didn't take pictures of them). I went back 4 days later expecting things to be 70% off and they weren't but I picked up a few more things. Nothing was a crazy bargain, but there was a few things we actually needed/wanted for next year and I didn't know when I would be able to make it back once things did go 70% off.

Tree Skirt(50%)-$15.00

Miniature puzzles(50%)-$1.49 These will be perfect stocking stuffers for next year. 

Girls Holiday Shirts(50%)-$3.99

Christmas matching game(50%)-$1.50
Christmas Music CD (50%)-$4.99 Hendrix wanted this...

Lego Set (50%)-$1.98

Winter Pj's (50%)-$7.49

Girls Holiday Shirts(50%)-$3.99 each 

Elf Pj's(50%)-$7.49
Girls Pj's (50%)-$6.49

It took forever for things to go 70% off!!  They finally went 70% at the Target's around me on January 2nd. I think that's the longest time I've ever seen the holiday stuff sit at 50% off. 

Christmas Matching Game(70%)-$0.90 Now both Hendrix and Carson can get one of these in their stockings next year. 
Old Spice Body Hygiene kit(50%)-$7.49 Not sure why the personal hygiene stuff was still 50%, but the electric toothbrushes were also. It was still a really good deal because the kits contained 5 full size items. 



Santa Plates(70%)- $0.67 Perfect for Christmas time next year. 
Small Santa plate(70%)-$0.67

Cups(70%)-$1.79 These will be in each kids stocking next year also!!. The bottom part lights up. 

Spider man Pjs(70%)-$5.09

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