Monday, February 22, 2016

Valentine's Day Clearance Part II

Here's what I picked up at 70% off. I did pretty good for only making it to one store while things were 70% off.

Large Buckets (70%)-$1.50 Right now we have 3 buckets that we have used for the past two years, but the buckets are all three different sizes and it drives me nuts. So these will replace them. 
Gift Favors (70%)-$ 0.90
Foam Hearts (70%)-$1.50
Foam Sticker Hearts (70%)-$0.30
Invisible Ink Set (70%)-$ 1.49 I would like to find a bunch more of these

Heart Wreath (70%)-$5.99
Wall Decoration (70%)-$3.89

DIY Character Valetine's Boxs (70%)-$1.80 This year Hendrix's class made their Valentines Boxs, but I know a lot of classes ask you to send one in. I think this is a big thing in certain areas and people come up with crazy themes and go all out decorating their boxes. 

Lego Sets (70%)-$1.19 I ended up with 16 of these which is the exact number I need for Hendrix's Class so these will be used in his Bday goodies bags
Annie's Fruit Snacks (50%)-$2.49

I was only able to stop by one store real quick while things were 90% off.

Wall Art(90%)-$1.29
Gift Bag(90%)-$0.10

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