Monday, March 21, 2016

Baylor-14 Months

Baylor is jabbering up a storm now. A lot of times it almost sounds like she is trying to sing, which is hilarious. She has also finally started cruising around furniture. She loves pulling up to the lego table and playing also.

Her 7th tooth finally popped through also this past month. We moved her up to size 3 diapers, but still rocking 9 and 12 month clothing. Hoping she gets some meat on her soon so she can wear Carson's old 18 month summer stuff that i saved.

Her hair is getting crazy long especially in the back and has a little hint of curl at the ends. It's still so thick for baby hair.  I have a feeling that if we trim it the curl will be gone though. I weighed her at home this month and she finally hit 19lbs.

Pictures from the past month:

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Living Room/Dining Room Update

We finally got around to revamping our living room and dinning room.  In case you forgot here is what the Living room and Dining room looked like when we moved in.

Yes there was a ceiling fan in the dining room. 
So fast forward about a year after moving in and Robby built me a dining a room table for my birthday although he has still yet to stain the benches. These are the plans he used for our table and benches. He used Rusto-oleum Wood stain in Carrington on the table and benches.  Eventually I will order some metal chairs to sit at each end, but right now Baylor's High Chair is taking up one end so its kinda of pointless for the time being.

This past week we repainted both the dining and living room. The medium brown color is Hubbell House Clay and the creamy beige color is Coconut Milk both are Valspar brand from Lowes.

Before we replaced the curtains and moved the gallery wall. 

 The paisley floral curtains in the dining room are from Lowes. The curtains in the living room are from Target.  Both the curtain rods are from Lowes also. The cloth end chairs are also from Target.

We purchased our TV mount from Amazon. The white cabinet underneath the TV that houses our board games is from IKEA.

Normally the bench is centered and the baby swing is put up. 

We asked for ikea giftcards for Christmas to buy our new couch with and we ended up getting enough to pay for over half of it.

New gallery wall above the couch.