Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hendrix-5 years

He was so excited to bring cupcakes to school. 

Well you still talk non-stop so no change there. Your finishing up your first year of preschool which has brought a few struggles along with it. You have problems quieting down and focusing on the task at hand. This circles back to your love of talking. Also for some reason you like to spit...which is disgusting. No idea where you picked this up or why you think it is a good idea. Hopefully we can get these behavior issues hammered out and have a great 2nd year of preschool. You have managed to learn your letters and most of your numbers(occasionally you get tripped up). You have also started learning some sight words and are doing very well with that.
His one request was to go to Chuckie Cheese after school. 

Hendrix still love pizza, all fruits, and yogurt. Thomas the train is still one of your favorites and you can pedal you bike easily now. We are hoping to ditch the training wheels some time this summer.

You are so smart and the connections you make between things is crazy. You pay so much attention to details which is awesome(most of the time).
Sharing a birthday ice cream sunday. 

At your 5 year check up you weighed 47lbs (85%)  and was 44 inches tall(75%).

Here are some recent pictures:

He is loving baseball. 

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