Friday, June 10, 2016

40 Before I'm 40 Update

I figured I would do a  little update of where I'm at on my 40 before I'm 40 list since I wrote the list about 2 years ago.

1. Hike the Appalachian Trail
2. Visit Alaska
3. Buy or Build a new house
4. Go to Europe for our 10 year anniversary.
5. Have my student loans paid down to less than $50,000 (Pharmacy school was a bit pricey)
6. Get a boob reduction.
7.Go Sky diving.
8. Pay off Robby's truck.
9. Go to NYC during Christmas time
10. Save a 6 months worth of living expenses in an emergency fund. ( This is ambitious)
11. Visit Yellowstone National Park
12. Take the kids skiing
13. Buy a DSLR camera and learn how to use it.
14. Go white water rafting.
15. Read the Bible cover to cover.
16. Go to Mardi Gras.
17. Go on a medical mission trip.
18. Take the kids to Washington D.C.
19. Zipline
20. Donate Bone Marrow
21. Read Anna Karenina
22. Keep a daily journal for a year.
23. Don't eat out for an entire month.
24. Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
25. Visit an In-N-Out Burger
26. Visit the Northeast (Washington, Oregon, Utah)
27. Take the kids to Disney World.
28. Watch my brother get married (He's not dying or anything, just doesn't seem that interested in marrying).
29. Go without technology for 72 hours (TV & phone).
30. Sleep under the stars.
31. Gamble in Las Vegas (I've only been before I was 21).
32. Have our house professionally cleaned at least once.
33. Purge a bag a day for 30 days.
34. Learn to crochet.
35. Buy a stranger's dinner.
36. Go on a girls trip.
37. Attend the Olympics.
38. Build an Igloo.
39. Celebrate our 15th Wedding Anniversary.
40. Complete list!!!

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