Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Camping at McCormick Creek State Park

So last summer all our camping trips were canceled due to rain. There is really no point in going camping and just sitting under the pop up the whole time...not that our kids would even stay under it anyway. We have several planned for this year and I'm so excited!! We even got a new huge 3-room 12 person tent to use. It goes up super easy in 2 minutes and assembles almost like a pop up canopy does. 

We headed down Friday after work/school to get set up. Saturday we went hiking early before it got too hot. After lunch and some heavy napping we went swimming in the park pool which was super nice. Sunday we headed back home pretty early so we could get caught up on everything. 
Helping me pack. 

Using our selfie stick before it promptly broke. 

Wolf Cave

Exhausted after our 2 mile hike. 

Playing the creek!!

Passed out

Chowing down. 

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