Monday, September 26, 2016

Chicago Weekend trip

Friday evening we headed up to Chicago to celebrate Robby's 30th Birthday next week. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place that is connected to the convention center and super close to soldier field.  We won tickets to a couple of different museums from the fundraiser auction at the kids school last spring.

Saturday we to the Museum of Science and Industry.  The kids loved it!!! We probably could of spent two full days at just this museum because there was so much to do. We didn't even make up to the 4th floor before they were tuckered out plus we skipped a couple of exhibits that you had to pay extra to visit. We definitely want to go back.

Clearly they love when I take their picture. 

 I wish we could of done the tour of the submarine, but I knew the kids wouldn't be interested in it so it would of been a waste of money.
German U-boat from WWII.

Hendrix driving a combine. 

This was a huge hands on kids exhibit that was really neat. 

Miniature train. 

Sunday we had tickets to visit Shedd's Aquarium. I have been once before back when I was in high school. Our tickets that we won were only for the general admission area, which just so happens to be maybe 20-30 of stuff to actually go through. So we shelled out $80 to see the Wild reef area with the sharks and the dolphin/beluga whale area. I had honestly forgot how unimpressed I was with Shedd's last time i had been there. Basically anything that is exciting like the shows, stingray area and the other two areas all cost extra outside of the general admission price. We literally did everything in a little over 2 hours.  I think next time we will skip Shedd's and visit the Field Museum instead.

This shark reef area was the coolest part of the whole museum. 

Beluga Whale

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Baylor-20 Months

Only a few more months until little miss is 2!!! She has really started talking this past month and she has turned into a little prankster. She likes to scare and "get people" out of no where much to Hendrix and Carson's dislike.

Still weighs about 20lbs and in size 18 mo clothes(some 12 month still). She is still in a size 2 shoe although I finally found some cute size 3 shoes with hard soles for her to wear this fall and winter.  Her feet are even smaller than Carson's were and almost all of Carson's size 3 stuff was summer sandals.

Pictures from the past Month:

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Round 4 for our Wolf Pack!!!

Thursday August 4th, 2016
AHHHH so dang excited!!! Just got a positive pregnancy test at 10 DPO (3 weeks 5 days) after 3 cycles of trying. I got sick 2 days ago at 8 DPO so I kinda had my hopes up, but kept getting negative tests with my internet cheapies. I decided to break down and grab a real one from the store this evening because I couldn't stand the wait any longer.

I think my due date will be April 15th. Hendrix and Carson are exactly 18 months apart and then Carson and Baylor are exactly 26 months apart. This baby and Baylor will be just a little over 26 months apart too. Hendrix and Robby are def team boy and I'm leaning that way also because I would love to have 2 and 2. We will end up having 4 under 5 for about 2 months until Hendrix turns 6.

Saturday August 6th, 2016
This is how I told Robby this morning...

Monday August 8th, 2016 
I went to my ob's office to get my blood drawn to see if I need to be on progesterone again like i was for the first 12 weeks I was pregnant with Baylor.

Tuesday August 9th, 2016
My progesterone was low again so I'm taking 100 mg every night most likely until I'm 12 weeks again.

Wednesday August 31st, 2016
AHHH only one more week until my appointment. So excited to finally see this little one. Not looking forward to seeing how much weight I've gained though. I have refused to weight myself at home because I have not been able to stop eating. Normally I can hardly eat anything this early on without getting sick. This time around I haven't gotten sick once and I'm already 7.5 weeks.

Saturday September 3rd, 2016 
Can't believe I'm already 8 weeks along!! Time is flying and I still haven't gotten sick. Just a little nausea here and there, along with being exhausted.

Thursday September 8th, 2016
My first appointment went great!! Heart rate was 178 and I was measuring right on track for a due date of April 15th, which just so happens to be Easter weekend. Which follows in tradition with all my other kids of being born right around Holidays (Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and MLK day).

Monday, September 12, 2016
Here is how we announced our 4th pregnancy.

And how we told the kids. Hendrix was cracking me up when we told him.

Thursday, September 15th, 2016
Well my luck finally ran out and I've officially started getting sick at almost 10 weeks. It hit me with a vengeance too.