Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Carson-4 Years

Man I can't believe this girl is 4. When Hendrix has a birthday it doesn't seem to hit as hard because he just seems older naturally.  Your love for glitter and rainbow items is astonishing. You also love to color. You are still obsessed with shoes and bows and it's funny to watch you match them up to your clothes now. Getting your hairbrush is still tons of drama, but you are adamant about not getting it cut.

You love going preschool, but we can tell you are the social butterfly and not exactly worried about learning. You are still loving gymnastics and will probably be moving up another level here soon. Still doing dance, but I can tell you aren't as into it as you are gymnastics, which is fine. We just bought you and Baylor a set of bunk beds, which you are loving.

Some recent pictures:

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