Monday, November 7, 2016

Target Halloween Clearance Part II

After I dropped the kids off at school I hit up two different Targets for 90% off!!! I made out big in the PJ department. I was able to get a couple of different friends some too. 

Toddler 2 Pack Pj Sets(90%)-$1.59
Boy Skeleton Pj Set(90%)-$0.99

Halloween Mom Shirt(90%)-$1.29
Girls Shirt(90%)-$0.59

Girls Halloween Shirt (90%)-$0.99

Girls Bat Pj Set(90%)-$0.99
Girls Ghost Pj Set (90%)-$0.99

Pumpkin Sleepers(90%)-$0.99


Stickers and tattoos(90%)-$0.10

Rubber bats(90%)-$0.10

Halloween Napkins(90%)-$0.20
Fruit Snacks(70%)-$1.49

Toddler PJ Sets(90%)-$1.29

Masks(90%)-$2.00 The kids will think these are hilarious.

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