Thursday, December 29, 2016

Target Christmas Clearance

Yay for Stocking up during Clearance time!!!

Plastic Cups(50%)-$1.99
Kleenex Hand Towels(50%)-$1.49

Large Dixie Plates (50%)-$1.49
Small Dixie Plates(50%)-$1.49

Reynolds Disposable baking dish(50%)-$1.49
Baking muffin Cups(50%)-$1.49

Gallon Zip Locs (50%)-$1.49
Quart Ziplocs (50%)-$1.49

Reynolds Parchment paper (50%)-$1.49
Reynolds Baking Sheets(50%)-$1.49

Meyers Cleaning Spray(50%)-$1.99
Meyers Hand Soap(50%)-$1.99

Ziploc tupperware containers(50%)-$1.49

Girl Christmas onsie(50%)-$2.99 Still looking for a boy one.
Starbucks Hot Coco (50%)-$5.97
Starbucks Coffee(50%)-$6.47

The kids and I had a little bit of time to burn in between some errands that we finished early and a play date so we decided to stop at another Target. I knew it was still going to be 50% off, but really wanted to look for more aluminum pans since I use them for my freezer meals. 

Timer Stake(50%)-$8.49 Normally we leave our outdoor lights on 24/7, but I guess next year we can put them on a timer.
Extension Cord(50%)-$4.99 We could always use an extra extension cord.

Plastic Cups(50%)-$1.99 This store had a ton of these left. If they are still there at 70% off I'm grabbing them all!!!

Loaf Pans(50%)-$1.49
Cake Pans (50%)-$1.49

Meyers Hand Soap(50%)-$1.99 This store literally had 2 full shelves of soap, candles and cleaning supplies. Come on 70% off!!!
Meyers Cleaning Spray(50%)-$1.99
Ignore his hair he had a toboggan on. 
Auto Care kits(50%)-$9.99 These make great gifts and I found 2. I saw a third, but left it for 70%.

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