Saturday, January 7, 2017

25/26 Weeks

So I had my 24 weeks appointment super late due to the holiday and it ended up being almost to the 26 week mark. Nothing exciting really happened other than we tentatively scheduled my C-Section for April 8th!!! Just waiting for the Surgery scheduler to confirm the OR isn't already booked, which I doubt since it's a Saturday morning. I was actually hoping for Saturday morning anyway because this will make things a lot less hectic for dealing with the older kids/school.

Also I totally forgot to ask her what the baby's heart rate was. She did measure my uterus which is measuring right on schedule.

Now I start every 2 week appointments since I'm already so close to 28 weeks. Next appointment I'll get my lovely rho-gam shot and do my blood glucose test, which is always a good time.

Here are my belly pictures since 20 weeks:

25/26 weeks with all 4!!!

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