Sunday, January 1, 2017

Target Christmas Clearance Part II

I think things went 70% off in my area on December 30th, but I didn't get a chance to check out any stores until the 31st.

Santa signs(70%)-$.90 I couldn't believe i found all 4 of these just sitting together.

Baby Rattles(70%)-$1.19 For the baby's stocking next year!!!

Minnie shirt(70%)-$ 3.89 So this was classified as holiday, but there is nothing Christmas on it at all.

Jolly Shirt(70%)-$2.39
Toddler Nightgown(70%)-$5.09

Merry Dress(70%)-$4.49
Minnie Shirt(70%)-$3.89 I did end up with this top in several sizes but some are for friends.

Reindeer sleeper(70%)-$2.69
Merry Shirt(70%)-$2.39

Old Spice Kit(50%)-$7.49
Scrapbook Paper Set(70%)-$0.90

Muffin Tins(70%)-$0.89
Loaf Pans(70%)-$ 0.89

Giftcard Holders(70%)-$1.18

Indoor Extension Cord(70%)-$0.89
Rubber Duckies(70%)-$0.90
Paper Plates(70%)-$0.89

Star Wars Blow up(70%)-$12.00 I really hate these things, but I know my kids will love it.

Meyers Hand soap(70%)-$1.19
Meyers Candles(70%)-$2.09
Tin Candles(70%)-$2.99

Minnie tee (70%)-$3.89
Santa Sleeper Set(70%)-$2.99

2 pk Sleeper Sets(70%)-$5.09

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