Saturday, March 18, 2017

35/36 Weeks

My regular OB is on vacation next week due to spring break so I'm basically skipping my 36 week appointment with her and will have my next one at 37 weeks.  I last saw her at about 33.5 weeks when I had my extra ultrasound to check on the kidney size which actually got bigger from my 32 week ultrasound which spurred all our Riley specialist appointments that I had this week.

We had a 45 minute ultrasound for baby and met with couple different doctors to try and figure out what is wrong with the left kidney. Best they can tell there is partial blockage in the ureter between left kidney and bladder. 50/50 chance it could resolve its self after birth or baby will need surgery to correct. But we get to keep my Original c/s date and deliver with my regular OB at my normal Hospital. Baby will get several Tests run and antibiotics before being discharged so we may have a longer stay in general.

Baby measured 38.5 weeks which is about 3.5 weeks ahead. Weighed almost 6lb 8 ozs(88% percentile) and has a crap ton of hair as expected. Heart Rate was 150. 

This shirt always makes my bump looks smaller than it is. 

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