Friday, April 21, 2017

Target Easter Clearance

The main thing I was looking for this year on clearance was Easter baskets for the kids since I only had 3 and 2 of the 3 were starting to break. I found all 4 kids one at 50% so I went ahead and snatched them up in case I can't find them once things are cheaper. 

Here is everything I got at 50% off.

Easter Baskets (50%)-$6.00

3 pk of lotion(50%)-$2.99

Here is what I picked up while things were 70% off. 

Crayola 50 pc Art Kits(70%)-$2.99

My little ponys(70%)-$1.49 Perfect for the girls easter baskets next year. 

Moss Eggs(70%)-$2.99
Glass Pyrex bowls 5 pc(70%)-$2.99

6 month Baby outfit(70%)-$3.29 I picked this up for a friend.
Glass Pitcher(70%)-$5.99 I'm going to use this as a vase.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

Since the three older kids Easter outfits from last year still fit I ordered a matching dress and boy shirt to take some pictures in once baby #4 came.

We spent Easter at my Grandma Rosies for an egg hunt and lunch.

Snuggle Bunny

Crosby with her bunny. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Crosby's Birth Story

Ready to go home!!

My C-section was scheduled for 8:00 on Saturday April 8th, which worked out for us anyway so the kids didn't have school to add into the mix. This time they brought in a machine to see where my veins were since I'm typically a hard stick. They ended up getting an IV on the second try. There was a couple extra people in the OR this time because of her left kidney hydronephorsis, but everything ended going well. She had an ultrasound before we left the hospital that came back normal so now we just have to follow up with her urologist in a month.

Crosby ended up only being 7lbs and 13 ozs. Shocking us all since she had measured big my entire pregnancy. She was 20 inches long, just like the other 3 kids.

We let the kids meet her first so they could announce the gender. They are so infatuated with her.

 They loved watching her get her first bath.

Getting checked out by the pediatric hospitalist