Friday, April 21, 2017

Target Easter Clearance

The main thing I was looking for this year on clearance was Easter baskets for the kids since I only had 3 and 2 of the 3 were starting to break. I found all 4 kids one at 50% so I went ahead and snatched them up in case I can't find them once things are cheaper. 

Here is everything I got at 50% off.

Easter Baskets (50%)-$6.00

3 pk of lotion(50%)-$2.99

Here is what I picked up while things were 70% off. 

Crayola 50 pc Art Kits(70%)-$2.99

My little ponys(70%)-$1.49 Perfect for the girls easter baskets next year. 

Moss Eggs(70%)-$2.99
Glass Pyrex bowls 5 pc(70%)-$2.99

6 month Baby outfit(70%)-$3.29 I picked this up for a friend.
Glass Pitcher(70%)-$5.99 I'm going to use this as a vase.

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