Friday, May 26, 2017

Hendrix-6 Years

You still talk non-stop along with questioning everything. You are sooo smart and recall random facts constantly.  I can't believe you are headed to kindergarten in just a few short months. You learned a ton in school this year so you are definitely ready for kindergarten. Of course your one request for you birthday again this year was to go to chuckie cheese which is exactly what we did after you last day of school.

You are still eating us out of house and home. You are great at riding your bike without training wheels and you have a new love for climbing trees and digging up worms and various other animals that you want to keep. You can also be super helpful around the house when you feel like it.

At your 6 year check up you weighed 57lbs (93%)and was 46 inches tall(56%).

Here are some recent pictures of you:
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